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  • Dada, Meriem; Amara, Nesrine (2019-07-09)
    Plastics in the ocean and in landfill are of great concern nowadays due to the problems they pose to the aquatic and terrestrial environment and their living organisms. The increase in the production of plastic leads clearly ...
  • Hadda, Khayra.; Bellahmer, Larbi.; Ikhlef, Nacreddine (2018)
    Humanity lives in a business-driven system pushing the production and mass consumption of single-use plastic packaging products. About 90% of the plastic produced to date has not been recycled. As a result, the flow of ...
  • Bentadja, Mansouria; Oueld kaddour, khaira (2019-07-15)
    Each year, 72 billion cigarette butts are scattered in nature. However, it is waste that pollutes cities, flora and fauna, especially the marine environment. Cigarette butts are the most common waste found on beaches ...

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