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  • Benharrat, Mohammed; Messirdi, Bekkai (Serdica Mathematical Journal, 2011)
    We show that the symmetric difference between the generalized Kato spectrum and the essential spectrum defined in [7] by sec(T) = {l О C ; R(lI-T) is not closed } is at most countable and we also give some relationship ...
  • Benharrat, Mohammed; Ammar, Aymen; Jeribi, Aref; Messirdi, Bekkai (Functional Analysis, Approximation and Computation, 2015-02-16)
    In this paper, we give some properties of the semi-regular, essentially semi-regular and the operators of Kato type on a Banach space. We also show that the essentially semi-regular spectrum of closed, densely defined ...
  • Benharrat, MOHAMMED; Messirdi, BEKKAI (Univ. Oradea Fasc. Mat. XXI (1), 2014)
    J. P. Labrousse [13] studied and characterized in the case of Hilbert spaces, a relation of the essential quasi-Fredholm spectrum and the spectrum de ned by Goldberg in [9] by ec(A) = f 2 C ; R( I 􀀀 A) is not closedg. ...

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