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Etude de l’activité antioxydante de l’Annona cherimola

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dc.contributor.author BENSMAINE, Hadjer
dc.date.accessioned 2019-09-24T12:23:35Z
dc.date.available 2019-09-24T12:23:35Z
dc.date.issued 2019-07-04
dc.identifier.uri http://e-biblio.univ-mosta.dz/handle/123456789/12555
dc.description.abstract Antioxidant compounds are the subject of much research because, in addition to their use as preservatives in food by replacing synthetic antioxidants, they are involved in the treatment of many diseases. As part of the discovery of new antioxidants from natural sources, we have been interested in this work to study phenolic compounds (polyphénols and flavonoid) and evaluate the antioxidant activity of Annona cherimola extract. Annona cherimola is an indigenous exotic fruit that has attracted increasing interest in recent decades due to its delicious taste, nutritional value and use in traditional medicine. Like other fruits and vegetables it is an important source of different antioxidants (phenolic compounds, flavonoids, ascorbic acid, etc.) these compounds have beneficial effects on human health because they possess many biological activities such as antioxidant, anti - inflammatory, antibacterial activity, which protects and inhibits the harmful effects of free radicals on the human body. The objective of this work is to evaluate the antioxidant activity of Annona cherimola extract. The results indicate a crude extract yield of 13.48%, characterized by a high level of total polyphenols which is equal to 475 mg GAE/g ES and a flavonoid content of 93.03 mg/ml. The results obtained confirm that Annona cherimola is an important source of phenolic compounds than flavonoids, and compared to other species it has a higher antioxidant activity. en_US
dc.language.iso fr en_US
dc.subject Annona cherimola en_US
dc.subject polyphenols en_US
dc.subject flavonoids en_US
dc.subject antioxidant activity en_US
dc.subject DPPH en_US
dc.subject FRAP en_US
dc.subject Abstract en_US
dc.title Etude de l’activité antioxydante de l’Annona cherimola en_US
dc.type Other en_US

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