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Extraction d'ADN à partir de sang de mouton

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dc.contributor.author Begloul, Fatima Zahra
dc.contributor.author Belarbi, Fouzia
dc.date.accessioned 2018-11-25T10:42:12Z
dc.date.available 2018-11-25T10:42:12Z
dc.date.issued 2017
dc.identifier.uri http://e-biblio.univ-mosta.dz/handle/123456789/2273
dc.description.abstract The aim of this work was to isolate the DNA from the sheep blood and to analyze the DNA by spectrophotometry UV. We first collected the sheep blood at the Mostaganem slaughterhouse in EDTA tubes. To carry out the extraction of the DNA, we did the following steps: red cell lysis, white blood cell lysis, phenol extraction, chloroform extraction and DNA precipitation. The calculation of the amount of DNA and the evaluation of its degree of purity, allowed us to obtain respectively the following results, 6.3 μg / ml and 0.78. en_US
dc.language.iso fr en_US
dc.subject Extraction d’ADN en_US
dc.subject sang de mouton en_US
dc.subject EDTA en_US
dc.subject Lyse en_US
dc.subject phénol. en_US
dc.subject DNA extraction en_US
dc.subject Blood sheep en_US
dc.subject EDTA tube en_US
dc.subject Lysis en_US
dc.subject Phenol en_US
dc.title Extraction d'ADN à partir de sang de mouton en_US
dc.type Other en_US

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